Web Map Services and Web Feature Services

Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS) provide a way of delivering geoscience maps and data using established internet protocols developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium Link to external site - opens in new window

WMS information is requested using URLs and is returned as images (JPEG, PNG etc) that can be displayed in web browsers or desktop GIS applications. One example of a viewer for Web Map Services is the OneGeology Portal Link to external site - opens in new window. WFS delivers geological data in XML format according to standard community-agreed schemas, including GeoSciML, EarthResourceML and the Observations & Measurements data standard.

The following is a list of links to geoscience Web Map Services and Web Feature Services available from State, Territory and Federal government geoscience agencies. Not all agencies currently provide data via web services.

None of the agencies below guarantee the currency or quality of data provided by these services, nor do they guarantee the availability of these services, which may be removed at any time. Please refer to individual agency websites for the conditions of use of data.

Geoscience Australia

1:1M and 1:2.5M scale Surface Geology WMS (WMS version 1.3.0)

250K scale Topography and Infrastructure WMS (WMS version 1.1.1)

1:1M and 1:2.5M scale Surface Geology WFS (GeoSciML v2.0)
Several WFS URLs are provided at http://www.ga.gov.au/geows/ Link to external site - opens in new window

Onshore Seismic Surveys WMS – includes locations of survey lines and links to the survey data (WMS version 1.3.0) http://www.ga.gov.au/gis/services/earth_science/GA_Onshore_Seismic_Surveys/MapServer/WMSServer

Isotope Geochronology Samples WMS – includes locations of summary ages of U-Pb, Rb-Sr, and Nd-Sm geochronological analyses (WMS version 1.3.0) http://www.ga.gov.au/gis/rest/services/earth_science/Geoscience_Australia_Geochronology/MapServer

Western Australia - Department of Mines and Petroleum, Geological Survey of WA

Airborne geophysical surveys WMS (WMS version 1.3.0)

Geoscience datasets WMS – including geological units, structures, regolith, geochronology (WMS version 1.3.0)

Minerals data WMS – including mineral fields, deposits, tenements (WMS version 1.3.0)

Petroleum and geothermal data – including titles, wells, oil and gas fields, pipelines (WMS version 1.3.0)

Administration data WMS – including coastline, map grids and graticule (WMS version 1.3.0)

Imagery WMS - topographic, relief, geological, geophysical and Aster map images (WMS version 1.1.1)

Boreholes, mines, mineral occurrences WFS (EarthResourceML v1.1, GeoSciML v2.0)

Queensland - Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Geological Survey of Queensland

State geoscience and tenure data WMS directory – includes geology, administrative areas, boreholes, resources and geophysics (WMS Version 1.3.0)

Other services for Queensland including land and topography are available by searching the QSpatial catalogue at

Tasmania - Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources, Mineral Resources Tasmania

Image WMS – including geological and geophysical map images (WMS Version 1.1.1)

Boreholes, mines, mineral occurrences and geological features WFS (EarthResourceML v1.1, GeoSciML v2.0)

Victoria - State Development, Business and Innovation - Geological Survey of Victoria

1:50K and 1:250K geological map WMS (WMS Version 1.3.0)

Mines and mineral occurrences WFS (EarthResourceML v1.1)

Boreholes WFS (GeoSciML v2.0)

Northern Territory - Department of Mines and Energy, Northern Territory Geological Survey

Geophysical Images WMS (WMS Version 1.1.1)

Mines and mineral occurrences WFS (EarthResourceML v1.1)

Mines and mineral occurrences WFS (EarthResourceML v1.1)

Boreholes WFS (GeoSciML v2.0)

South Australia – Department of State Development, Resources and Energy

Mineral Tenements WMS (WMS v 1.1.1) (CC-BY)

Petroleum Tenements WMS (WMS v 1.1.1) (CC-BY)

Geothermal Tenements WMS (WMS v 1.1.1) (CC-BY)

Geoscience Data WMS - includes geology units, structures, geological provinces, regolith, palaeodrainage systems (WMS v 1.1.1)

Geophysical Data WMS - includes airborne EM survey area/Line, airborne RAD/MAG survey area, electrical survey and state gravity stations (WMS v 1.1.1)

Mineral Drillholes, Petroleum and Geothermal Wells (WMS v 1.1.1)

Mineral Rock Sample Sites – includes geochemistry, calcrete, petrology, biostratigrapy sample locations (WMS v 1.1.1)

Boreholes, Mines and Mineral Occurrences WFS (EarthResourceML v1.1, GeoSciML v2)

New South Wales – NSW Trade and Investment, Geological Survey of NSW

Boreholes WFS (GeoSciML v2.0)